How much is "financial negligence" costing your company?


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The financial program that help even the most time crushed person to manage their cash flow.

This course includes:

Meet Your Course Instructor

Hello, my name is Matthew Granat. I’ve learned how to use a cash flow the hard way, and although I am not a numbers person, I managed to successfully implement a financial system in a 6-figure business that anyone can copy.

I started off as a tech at an accounting firm going over small business bookkeeping for errors, correcting them and filing their tax returns. After a while it was time for me to move to the private sector to expand my knowledge.

Now I am doing the bookkeeping for one of the larger charities in my city and with the manager retiring I stepped in to the role of Director of Finance this is when I discovered the power of using a cash flow to manage a business’s finances.

But, still the cash flow wasn’t giving us the results that we wanted and needed to be more accurate to help properly make financial decisions so I began to do some digging which led to me discovering the real problems not only with our cash flow but our financial system in general.

And that is where everything started. I redesigned the cash flow and budgets as well I began to automate all the financial tasks I could resulting in a simple accurate financial system that has accurate numbers and forecasts.

Gorilla Cash Flow Course gives you everything you need to start using a cash flow and budget for your business without having to be the numbers type. This is a practical course for beginners, and advanced business owners that are looking for a “simplistic” and accurate way to manage their finances.

What You'll Learn In Gorilla Cash Flow

Across 5 distinct modules, you’ll learn everything you need to know to make your website load super fast and get a 90 plus score on Google Page Speed insights without sacrificing page design and functionality.

You’ll gain a deep perspective on how and why cash flow works for both you and your business-learning how to use a cash flow that both helps you manage the numbers and keeps you on track with your goals month after month.

We’ll walk step by step through the technical setup, including equipment and software recommendations that are mostly free. You’ll get the know-how required to run your business like a professional, including an in-depth understanding of using spreadsheets, cloud storage, bookkeeping software, and the power of your phone to run it all. 

I’ll teach you how to set up a cash flow, including a budget, project budgets, creating financial goals, and reviewing monitoring and making changes to keep your business on track.

Learn how to effectively manage the finances in as little time as possible, in the simplest way you can, and how to set it all up so that as soon as you have better things to do you have someone else takeover the majority of the work while you focus on the parts you enjoy.

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How this course sets you up for success


I know only too well how intimidating it can be to get not only your personal but your business finances in order. It took me half a decade before I finally came up with the perfect budgeting system for a small business.

I was in over my head—I was new to tracking cash flow and it wasn’t even set up right, but mostly? I was scared I couldn’t do it. I was scared it was too difficult for me to do. I was scared of making too many mistakes.

I don’t want you to feel that way. I want you to be excited that you are going to get your finances under control.
A big part of feeling excited, rather than scared, is knowing you have a place to go when you have questions or you need a little encouragement. Gorilla Cash Flow has built-in ways for you to get help, whether you’re looking for feedback on your system, stuck with how to set goals, or you just need an emergency 15 minute pep talk to get you back on track.

That’s why I’ve set up two ways for you to get support:

Weekly Office Hours with Matthew Granat

Sometimes you just need to ask the teacher a question. That’s why I host a weekly Zoom call that’s only available to course students. Get your questions answered and learn from the questions of the other GCF course students. The previous call replays are available inside the course.

Access to the Private Community

Can’t wait until office hours? Ask your question inside the Community!

The GCF Facebook Group is our private student community—the place where you can ask questions when you’re stuck and share ideas to get honest feedback from other entrepreneurs like you. We also offer regular events with other SPI team members.

This if for paid members only this is not a Facebook free-for-all. You’ll find instructions inside the course for how to join using your course login.

Don't take my word for it let someone else speak for it

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Don't take my word for it let someone else speak for it

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers


It will teach you how to run your finances the same way a 6-figure business does. We will start by coming up with your financial strategy, then will show you how to translate that into financial goals. Will then use 3-statements to track and compare your results.


The great thing about finance is you can hire someone else to do it and you just look at the results. If you don’t like finance then I suggest you use my method of systems to turn your finance department into a system and either outsource it or hire someone to do it and you just look at the results.



This course is for anyone starting a business or already running one but don’t have the finances under control. This is also for managers or anyone that wants a deeper knowledge of how to use accounting to make more money.



Yes will go over what roles an accountant and a bookkeeper will play in your business as when you should hire one and when and how to outsource.



I want you to give this course a real try but if you feel like it’s not what you were expecting than yes we provide a 60-day guarantee.


I created this course with the main intent of convincing as many business owners as I can that using a cash flow is one of the most important things they can do for the businesses future. If you run out of cash you are out of business it doesn’t matter how good other areas of the business there are.

Cash Flow Optimization doesn't have to be complicated

Stop thinking about finances in your spare time and get started today. Gorilla Cash Flow will hold your hand through all the hard parts, including setting up your cash flow, learning how to automate, and using your financial statements as a scorecard.