Ledger Legends: Mastering Bookkeeping for Business Success

Navigate the Complexities of Bookkeeping and Drive Your Business towards Success


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Batch starting from: 14 July 2022

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Who is this course for?

Specifically, this course is for the driven entrepreneur or small business owner who’s tired of feeling overwhelmed by their finances. It’s for those who are ready to step up, get a handle on their numbers, and drive their business forward with confidence. Whether you’re new to the business world or an established player looking to refine your financial acumen, this course is your roadmap to financial control.

Who should NOT buy this course?

If you’re already a whiz with your business finances, have a firm grasp on bookkeeping principles, and feel confident navigating accounting software, then this course might not offer you new information. It’s designed to demystify the financial management process and build a solid foundation – not to teach advanced accounting theories or strategies.

Is this a bookkeeping course?

Absolutely! This course is all about teaching you the ins and outs of bookkeeping for your small business. It’s designed to equip you with the tools and understanding you need to manage your accounts, track your expenses and revenues, understand your financial health, prepare for tax season, and more. But remember, it’s not about turning you into a professional accountant. It’s about empowering you to take control of your business’s financial journey.

From Confusion to Confidence:

This course demystifies bookkeeping. Master setting up accounts, recording transactions, and managing expenses. Say goodbye to late-night spreadsheet struggles.

Time & Money Saver:

Avoid costly bookkeeping errors and save on professional fees. Learn to automate tasks and streamline workflows, freeing up more time for business growth.

Future-Proof Your Business:

Equip yourself with financial knowledge that pays dividends year after year. Understand your financial health, ace tax preparation, and analyze reports like a pro. Stay financially ready for whatever comes.

Batch starting from: 14 July 2022

Here is what you will learn

module 1
Kickstart Your Bookkeeping Journey

Discover the power of accounting in small business. From key terms to a paperwork plan, set up your bank accounts, and manage your calendar like a pro. Get started with confidence!

module 2
QuickBooks Unleashed

Meet QuickBooks, your new best friend in business finance. Learn why it's the tool of choice for entrepreneurs and find your perfect plan. Let's go on a tour!

module 3
Command Your Accounts

From creating a chart of accounts to importing old transactions and setting up auto-imports, this module has you covered. Manage customer and vendor profiles like a boss. Your accounts? You're in control!

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Batch starting from: 14 July 2022


Frequently Asked Questions

Who, specifically, is this course for?

"Cash Control: Mastering Bookkeeping for Small Business" is for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and anyone looking to gain a solid grasp on their business finances. If you've ever felt lost in the financial side of your business and crave a clearer understanding and control, this course is designed with you in mind.

Who should NOT buy this course?

If you're an advanced user of accounting software, already have a robust system for managing your business's financials, or are a certified accountant, then this course might not be new territory for you. It's geared toward those who are seeking to establish a solid, workable foundation in small business bookkeeping.

What is the difference between "Cash Control: Mastering Bookkeeping for Small Business" and "Gorilla Cash Flow"?

While "Cash Control" is all about mastering the essentials of bookkeeping and maintaining your financial records, "Gorilla Cash Flow" dives deeper into financial forecasting and strategic planning. Both courses work together to provide a comprehensive understanding of small business finance.

What problems will "Cash Control: Mastering Bookkeeping for Small Business" help me overcome?

This course aims to take away the overwhelm of managing your small business finances. No more being confused about accounting terminology, unsure about how to record transactions, or feeling anxious about tax season. This course will give you the knowledge and tools to confidently handle your business's financials.

Is this course software-specific?

While the course does provide guidance using QuickBooks Online, the principles and strategies taught can be applied using any bookkeeping software. The goal is to give you a solid foundation in bookkeeping concepts that can be adapted to the platform of your choice.

Does the course come with email or call support?

The course is self-guided and designed to be followed at your own pace. Due to the high volume of students, we're unable to provide 1:1 support via email or calls. However, the course materials are comprehensive and designed to answer common queries.

How long is the course and what format is it in?

"Cash Control: Mastering Bookkeeping for Small Business" is a comprehensive course, the length of which depends on the learner's pace. It includes video tutorials, text-based modules, and practical exercises.

Batch starting from: 14 July 2022